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Time is money. AmigoCollect is designed to reduce your time in the office and simplify your work in the field.

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Collect QR, Barcode and integrate sensors. This will allow you to map assets such as pipes into your geospatial databases.

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When reviewing constructions there is no margin for error. Connect an external GPS in order to increase accuracy up to centimeters.

AmigoCloud helps Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies plan, design, and operate infrastructures by bringing geospatial data into workflows to meet regulations, codes, and referenced standards. 

Before starting to build, you can develop different kind of planning scenarios, share information, and coordinate with every team member.  AmigoCloud provides a Collaborative Enterprise Mapping Platform to set up your projects using your own and satellite maps with critical workflows even offline.

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Case Studies: Berntsen International Inc.

Berntsen International Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of infrastructure marking products for surveying, construction, park and recreation and utility industries. Headquartered in Madison Wisconsin, Berntsen has been in operation for over 40 years and continues to serve customers in all 50 states across the USA and over 100 countries worldwide. Traditionally, survey monuments and survey supplies have been Berntsen’s key line of products on the market. However, with the new growing market trend expressing the demand for mobile software solutions, Berntsen has begun to broaden its product scope to include a branded connected infrastructure marking solution, known as InfraMarker.

Berntsen clearly understood their goals of entering the “smart market” of mobile GIS data collection, but a robust platform that was powerful and customizable enough to meet Berntsen’s unique demands was an asset. Berntsen was not looking to purchase an “out of the box” data collector; they were looking to work with a software company to develop their own in-house product.

To reach their goals, Berntsen required a GIS-oriented software company that was willing to extend their platform to the degree that InfraMarker required, as well as a company that could give the needed technical help in the development stages. A GIS platform that could ultimately power the InfraMarker product and act as a backbone structure was not an easy find.

“We were looking to work with a partner that was small enough to provide a stable platform, but also provide us with the needed attention; as we were in the early stages of development with this technology.”

-Mike Klonsinski President

Prior to working with AmigoCloud, Berntsen researched and trialed numerous other platforms on the market. There are a number of other platform services out there; however, finding a solution that was willing to extend their platform to the extent that Berntsen required was a major challenge. Also, many companies that were will- ing to extend their platform were contract providers, not GIS providers.

“When we knew we were going to be expanding, we did approach other GIS soft- ware providers but they were unwilling to extend their platform to support our needs.”

– Mike Klonsinski President

Berntsen was looking specifically to work with a GIS firm to develop InfraMarker. The final product required the integration of Berntsen’s radio frequen- cy identification (RFID) technology along with other hardware equipment. Not only did they need a soft- ware, but they also needed specific hardware to be compatible with their completed product as well. The end product needed to be able to map, mark, and manage all of their customers’ utility and asset needs with ease and comfortability. The solutions tested simply could not meet Berntsen’s specific demands for their InfraMarker product. However, AmigoCloud offered to meet Berntsen’s demands that competitors simply could not.

One of the needs was we wanted to integrate our RFID reader and some other locating equipment to a GIS platform.

And a lot of the traditional providers were not willing to do that at that time.

-Mike Klonsinski President

The first main attractive feature that made AmigoCloud stand out as the solution to Berntsen’s product development needs was AmigoCloud’s ability to extend their platform. Through the extension of a very high portion of the AmigoCloud software, InfraMarker could be developed to the desired specs of Berntsen.

“They were very willing and excited about working with us, opposed to some others that may have been too big to pay attention to some of the things we were looking for.”

– Mike Klonsinski President

AmigoCloud was a small enough company that it could afford to spend the extra time and commit- ment to aid, support and guide Berntsen throughout the development process of InfraMarker from start to finish. With AmigoCloud, Berntsen could get the attention they needed to cooperatively build a successful product for a market that was still relatively new to Berntsen at the time.

The InfraMarker product is now currently installed on over 20 worksites of various sizes mapping, marking, and man- aging customers’ core infrastructure. Since its initial release in September 2016, Berntsen has been continuously grow- ing their product on the market, and maintaining a satisfied consumer base.

Along with InfraMarkers success in sales since its release, the InfraMarker product powered by AmigoCloud has been presented with the 2016 Geospatial World Excellence Award for Technology Innovation. This award grants high emphasis to the winner and their geospatial technology’s contribution to addressing socio-economic and global economic issues facing our world today. This award reflects the success that InfraMarker has had on the market, as well as Berntsen’s success in harnessing the power of RFID and GIS technology to better protect and manage underground assets for customers.

“It has been a good win-win in our investment in AmigoCloud. It feels more like a partnership in this enterprise model that we do.”

-Mike Klonsinski President

No GIS Knowledge Required

AmigoCollect makes it easy to start collecting data in less than 10 minutes.

No GIS Knowledge Required

AmigoCollect makes it easy to start collecting data in less than 10 minutes.