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Analyze & Publish

Bring your data to AmigoCloud using the GDAL tool or importing in any of the +40 supported formats. Analyze it using our maps and BI tools and publish it for your stakeholders or even embed it to your website. Don’t worry, your data is not static you can collect more information in the field or keep syncing it. Your maps and charts will update automatically.

Collect Workflows

Unravel your complete workflow of field data collection with our solution. Create your forms using our drag and drop builder, assign work using our email flows and configure reports and notifications based on conditions in your data. Monitor the progress of your field work and set up a Results dashboard to get an instant glance of the meaning of your data.

Collect & Integrate

Upload your reference data, set up your forms and send your team to the field -even in remote areas-
Monitor their progress and sync your data back to your enterprise database without effort. 

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