Simplify data collection workflows with AmigoCollect, a powerful and easy-to-use solution. Everything you need, one license away.

Maximize your returns

Time is money. AmigoCollect is designed to reduce and simplify your work in the office and on the field.

Safer than paper, 10x faster

Security is paramount to us. We take banking-grade data management measures to ensure that your information is safe at all times.

Industry standard​

It works with most industry standards. Import and export in +40 formats, integrate to QGIS Plugin & ESRI GP Tools by using our plugin.​

Flexible geometry support

Choose between point, line, and polygon for data collection. Whether you are mapping POI, pipes or even doing a cadaster, you are covered.

Work online or offline

Download your data (base maps + reference layers) to your mobile device to work without cellular coverage. As soon as you are connected to the internet again, sync will resume.

No small prints

No complex credit systems or small prints. You can scale up or down your number of licenses depending on your projects and timeframes.

Get Started In No Time

AmigoCollect makes it easy to start collecting data in less than 10 minutes. You can start reducing your time in the office and simplifying your work in the field as soon as possible.

1. At The Office

Define Your Forms

- No GIS knowledge required.
- Many different blocks to set up your forms right away.
- Eliminate paper from your workflows. Less time, fewer errors.

Invite Your Team Members

- Automatically Deploy
- Manage Roles

Load Your Reference Data

- Our app allows rich visualization of many layers of data. Ideal for your field crew
- Whether you upload raster images or vector datasets, you will be covered (+40 format files supported).

2. On The Field

Seamless Syncing

- Simple collaboration whether your team is small or has +100 field workers.
- Never worry about not having the latest version, we will make sure of it.

Offline Support

- AmigoCollect can be used offline in fully disconnected environments so you don't have to worry about cellular coverage at all.
- Just connect back to cellular or WIFI at the office and syncing will resume.​


​- Choose the best basemap for your surroundings.
- You can select one of our 5 available (amigoDark, amigoGray, amigoSatellite, amigoStreet, amigoTerrain) or upload your own. ​

3. Share your

A Word from Our Customers

Nat Carter
GIS Manager
Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality

“AmigoCloud has reduced a process that used to take us two weeks into less than an hour”

Jacqueline Tilligkeit
GIS Program Manager
Althouse and Meade

“We needed trainings, re-trainings and more re-trainings just to figure out ArcPad. Everyone can use AmigoCollect, it’s our trade secret!"

Josh Livni
GIS Software Developer - Google X

“Impressed with AmigoCollect for field data collection. Offline sync, robust API and great mobile apps. Nice work”

Already a Mapping Expert?

Take a look at our advanced features, created for the most demanding GIS pros.

Already a Mapping Expert?

Take a look at our advanced features, created for the most demanding GIS pros.